Ultrasound for health and safety
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A wide range of applications

Medical Diagnosis

Abdominal, cardiac, vascular and peripheral imaging
High frequency applications : opthtalmology, dermatology, dentistry, genetics
Blood flow measurement (doppler)
Bone densitometry
Experimental applications : vibroacoustic imaging, optoacoustic imaging
Veterinary applications

Medical monitoring

Transoesophagial blood flow measurement
Per operatory blood flow measurement

Medical therapy

Thermal ablation (HIFU)
Drug delivery
Biological activation

Non destructive testing

Power generation : nuclear power stations, turbines
Aeronautics : titanium engine parts, wings, fuselage
Railways : rails, train wheels, axles
Car industry : engines, transmissions
Petrochemical : pipelines, heat exchangers
Metallurgy: in-line testing of pipes, bars, plates

Industrial measurement

Liquid and gas flow measurement
Thickness and distance measurement

Energy transfer and communication applications

medical industry


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